Review of Work by Isaac Azzopardi

Lara’s work is a mish-mash of sex, a self denied feminism and a take on male domination on society.

I find her work interesting because of its subject, and what she wants to achieve. The issue which Lara is tackling, in more technical terms is the objectification of women in our society, and pursues this, particularly in the ‘Disturbed’ photograph series and the ‘Male Gaze’ drawings. I find both series of work appealing to the issue she concerns herself with, as well, because such subjects are seen as taboo in Malta, and her work could help breach such taboos.

From an artistic perspective, I believe Lara is very skilled in the technical aspect of work. This is evident from the work that can be seen on her website. I find her drawing of a very superior level, and also think she has strong potential in filming and developing performances. What I would like to see more of is a deliberate exploration of the themes she tackles – I am referring especially to her interest in the objectification of women. I would enjoy seeing a collection of studies\research, related to the subject, which, without being thought of as a ‘final product’, could help with generating ideas and better able her to expand on the given work. I would also see this issue being tackled through interactive installation art. This would obviously be problematic in Malta, but should be tried nonetheless.

Another work I have enjoyed is the Monstrous Performance film. The undulating and shifting mask that she plays around with over her face, is an idea with potential. I find it very interesting, especially when coupled with her themes of sex, objectification, bodies, etc. I imagine it a full performance. This is also reflected in the new work for the final piece, the Confessional Booth, to be exhibited as part of her thesis.

Her body of work includes a series of drawings, self portraits, twisted and grotesque, which are reminiscent of her Monstrous Performance clip.  I find it a pity that she could not produce the work to its utmost with all the explicit material as intended, due to the school policies and rules. I would love to see this work exhibited in public, without any restrictions, except for the provocations and scandals it would obviously produce in a public audience, which would be why it would prove more genuine to what Lara wants to achieve.

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