Chipped tooth, Sick & Crippled

This week has not been a good week, to say the least.

I got my tooth chipped by a wine glass


And fractured my foot on the way to fix my tooth at the dentist.

So now I can’t do my ballet exam.

Meh. Bad voodoo.

As for the project part of the dissertation, I’ve finally got it sorted out and i’m excited to get started.

Initial Sketch of Confessional Booth

Initial Sketch of Confessional Booth



A confessional booth with two entrances will be placed against a wall. The viewer may enter the booth from either side and sit or kneel on a chair or cushion placed inside. The walls of the confessional may be left bare or decorated with symbolism relevant to my topic, but this is not fundamental. The concept behind the booth is to reflect the moral shame in Maltese culture due to the long-standing teachings provided by the Catholic Church and to reflect the idea of a secret being conserved for too long. The films displayed will be black and white short films, playing on the idea of moral shame and role-reversals of both men and the confessional.


Background Influences

My influences have been many, from the writings of French theorists such as Lucy Irigaray, Julia Kristeva and Simone de Beauvoir to those of John Berger and Rosemary Betterton. I’m influenced by feminine aesthetics, psychoanalysis, gender differences and the position of women in society.



Conceptual Development

The concept has been developing extensively since last year with the main focus now on sexually objectifying female bodies and the psychological consequences it may have on women. In my previous work, the message was not being communicated clearly; viewers seemed to have mixed opinions as they were interpreting the imagery, which in itself proves the complexity of the topic, as it is seen as a subjective topic. The question now was how to represent my ideas in ways that could not be framed within ‘the male gaze’ and to move away from borrowing masculine attitudes in my work. I attempt to bring my personal experiences into consciousness, battling towards subject hood from objectification.




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