Dissertation Progress

My literature review is corrected and finalized 🙂 Now it’s time to send out the interviews.

Interviews were sent to 88 individuals, mostly young, Maltese men and women aged 20-30. Exceptions included a few foreign respondents, transponders and individuals aged 40-50. The amount of interviews sent to both men and women were the same; 44 each. This will make the statistic jargon of the dissertation easier to tackle later, and make my findings less bias overall.

Here’s a sample of the questions sent:

  1. Do you think men look at women?
  2. Do you think women’s bodies are looked at and commented on by men?
  3. Do you believe men sometimes view women as ‘sex objects’?
  4. Do you think it’s socially acceptable to view all females in this way?
  5. Do you think women can avoid this? If so, how?
  6. Do you think that men look at attractive women to assess their reproductive value? Or could there be other reasons?
  7. Do you think that this ‘male gaze’ (the act of looking at women as sexual objects) is only accepted in male-dominated societies?
  8. Do you think women’s appearance affects their career success?
  9. Do you think that the way men look at women affects the way women look at themselves? How?
  10. What repercussions do you think this might have on women’s relationship with their bodies?
  11. Do you think the depiction of female bodies in art is limited or selective, in comparison to the variety of emotions and experiences available to men? (E.g. triumph, victory, sadness)
  12. Do you believe that when viewing traditional artworks depicting women, the female viewers ‘watch’ themselves being looked at?
  13. Do you think there is a difference between an academic nude and a sexually objectified subject? If so, explain.
  14. Do you think that when a man and woman are depicted together, the male viewer may feel desire/envy/rivalry, towards the subjects?
  15. Do you think a women artist exhibiting a male nude is seen as something obscene?
  16. If a woman depicts a passive, nude male model, do you think the male viewer would identify with the subject or feel threatened?
  17.  Do you think women artists would be more successful if they reversed the roles between men and women?

The questions relate directly to my literature review, searching to support previous knowledge or discover new trends.



I just can’t wait to finish school.

I want my life back.

And that dissertation bound as a book.


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