The Beginning


For most of my life, I’ve always over thought everything. Overanalyzing what people say and do and why and trying to relate it to myself in some extremely subtle and complicated way not even I understand yet. Basically, I’m absorbed by everyone and have developed some decent observational skills due to this, looking at it optimistically I guess.

I live in my head a lot, so I can seem a bit distant and awkward most of the time, but really I’m just watching everyone and everything and imagining ways to transfer what I imagine into my art.

I’m currently sitting for my Bachelors in Fine Arts and had to decide on what interests me enough to write a dissertation about. Something I could continue working on and developing as a concept for a long, long time.

So, to start from somewhere, I decided to focus on the nature of men and the psychology of ‘the male gaze’; it’s evolution, its internalization and how women play up to it, how all this relates to feminism, sexism, gender differences and all of that. It’s kind of complex. I became obsessed with this topic, reading anything I could find relatable and just hoarding images and videos of artists and inspirations onto my hard drive.

It’s pretty hard to ever stop thinking about it since there’s always some sort of ‘case study’ somewhere. It also becomes difficult transferring all there is to say into a single artwork, or into a single paragraph, or into a simple conversation. It’s a topic that is, and has been; open to constant debate and whether or not it all boils down to morality is another question entirely.

So here begins my journey, to change the way things are. Slightly ambitious, but worth a try.


One response

  1. Illllllami how happy I am you’re doing this bun!! I know a lot of material that can help you big time!!! Good choice for a blog!! Couldn’t be more happy that you chose this subject! The war of the sexes will end when we realise there is no man and woman, we are all entitled to the same rights!!! Keep it up bun! Love, Nicole May D. xxxxxx

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